Cabled Messy Bun Bow Hat – a FREE Crochet Pattern

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Have you made yourself a messy bun hat yet? They have become all the rage in the crochet world, and I am no different! The latest incarnation of these hats is with an adorable bow attached. I have been tagged in multiple photos of these adorable hats and have had many requests to make them! I wanted to create a hat that was cute, but with a little winter elegance too. I am currently obsessed with cabling, so I decided that a Cabled Messy Bun Bow Hat was just what we needed!

I think it’s super cute, don’t you? My daughter is a competitive cheerleader so i think this hat is perfect for all our cheer families!


We just got home from a cheer competition, so my daughter is modeling in full cheer makeup – I promise she doesn’t normally wear sparkly false eyelashes around the house on a Sunday!

cabled messy bun bow hat pinterest

You will find the pattern below, or you can purchase the convenient ad-free printable PDF in my Etsy shop, HERE.

Cabled Messy Bun Bow Hat

Skill level: intermediate
Size: Adult

sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
hdc – half double crochet
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
dcfp – front post double crochet

Materials required:
1 skein of worsted weight yarn – I used Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek in Light Gray, available from Hobby Lobby
Yarn needle
Crochet hooks, H and I (5mm and 5.5mm) – I used my Clover Amour

Hat band: (worked in rows) – Use H hook
Chain 9
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, turn (8)
Row2: sc in first st (both loops), sc in back loop only of next 6 st, sc in last st (both loops), ch 1, turn (8)
Row 3 to 80: repeat row 2.(8)
Stitch band together to form a circle using one sc in each st across, turn seam to the inside 8 stitches. Ch 2, turn band sideways to start body of the hat.

Hat body: (worked in the round) – Use I hook
Row 1: dc in first st and each stitch of the side of the hat band, sl st to first dc (80)
Row 2: ch 2, *dcfp around each of first 2 dc, hdc in next dc, skip 2 dc, dcfp around each of next 2 dc, working BEHIND the previous 2 st, dcfp around each of the skipped dc, hdc in next dc (after the 4 st cable)*, repeat from * around, sl st to first dcfp (80)
Row 3-4: ch 2, *dcfp around first 2 dcfp, hdc in next hdc, dcfp around next 4 dcfp, hdc in next hdc*, repeat from * around, sl st to first dcfp (80)
Row 5: repeat row 2
Row 6-7: repeat row 3
Row 8: repeat row 2
Row 9-10: repeat row 3
Row 11: ch 2, *dcfp2tog, hdc in next hdc, skip 2 dcfp, dcfp around each of next 2 dcfp, working BEHIND the previous 2 st, dcfp around each of the skipped dcfp, hdc in next hdc*, repeat from * around, sl st to first dcfp (70)
Row 12: ch 2, *dcfp around dcfp, hdc in next hdc, dcfp2tog, dcfp2tog, hdc in next hdc*, repeat from * around, sl st to first dcfp (50)
Row 13: ch 2, *dcfp around dcfp, hdc in next hdc, dcfp2tog, hdc in next hdc*, repeat from * around, sl st to first dcfp (40)
Row 14: ch 1, hdc in each st around, sl st to first hdc (40)
Row 15: repeat row 14
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Bow: (worked in the round) – Use H hook
Chain 30, sl st to starting chain, be careful not to twist.
Row 1: ch 1, hdc in each st around, sl st to first hdc (30)
Row 2-5: repeat row 1
Fasten off, leaving very long tail for wrapping into a bow. Fold band in half and wrap long yarn tail around the middle to form bow shape, pulling tightly to get the proper shape. Use yarn needle to secure yarn tail. Attach bow to hat using yarn tail as desired.

cabled messy bun bow hat bow

Here is a few photos I snapped of the cable section which is the trickiest part. It takes a bit of practice to go behind the cables to do a front post double crochet and make them twist.

I also made a video tutorial for the cabled portion of this hat. It is my very first video, so please excuse my extreme newbie skills!

I hope you enjoyed my Cabled Messy Bun Bow Hat and I would absolutely love to see your creations or answer any questions you might have! Please help support CDM Handmade by commenting, sharing this post, or showing me your work on any of my social media links above. Thank you!


115 thoughts on “Cabled Messy Bun Bow Hat – a FREE Crochet Pattern

      1. Charmaine

        Hi Michelle! I had replied to Shannah somewhere, but I seem to have lost it in the internets LOL! I don’t have it written for smaller sizes at this time, but my suggestions for others have been to decrease your band rows in multiples of 8 – so 72 or 64 rows, then join and dc around for that many stitches in your hat body. Each cable section is a repeat of 8 stitches, so you would just be doing the repeat one or two less times. Depending on how small you make the band, you may also need to delete rows 8, 9 and 10 to make the body shorter for a small head. Let me know if that works out for you!

  1. Alicia

    I made this in purple and it turned out beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I did have to alter it some because it was too wide and too tall, but was pretty easy fix. I never done a cable stitch before this and I am thankful you had a video to explain it.

  2. Lea Ann

    I’m really frustrated…..I just can’t get the second half of the cable. I really don’t want to scrap this project but I’ve been 4 hours just on one cable. Is there another tutorial on this stitch somewhere?

    1. Charmaine

      I’m sorry you’re frustrated Lea Ann, cabling is really tricky at first! Don’t give up, once you get it you will always have it! I found this video that uses larger yarn so it might be a little clearer on the camera for you:
      Just remember that she is using different stitches and stitch combinations than my pattern uses, so you’ll have to adjust for that. She does a good job of showing how you go BEHIND the cables when you are doing the crossing though, so I hope it helps you get over this hurdle! Good luck!

      1. Jolene Ruckman

        Hi Charmaine – I tried to follow the additional link, but it takes me to a series of Bud Light Commercials (and not just a youtube ad before the stitch video). Any chance you can give the title so I can search for it that way?


          1. Nicole

            That’s just a link to your original video… which unfortunately, does not help much. Wish you could make a clearer video with a better explanation. My project just went in the trash after 6 hours of work.

          2. Katie R

            I had to do the same thing, Nicole. I ended up saving the band I made because the band was great, but I moved on to another cabled messy bun hat with a pattern that was MUCH more clear in hopes that it would help me figure this one out.

        1. Katie R

          Maria I’m finishing up my first called messy bun hat of another pattern and the entire hat was made it’s cables the way you described. Good to know that when I come back to this pattern I can try it that way!

        2. Missy

          I did the same thing. I was getting SO FRUSTRATED! It’s IMPOSSIBLE (for me) to go behind. I just went in front like every youtube video I watched told me to, and I’m not about to rip my hair out anymore.

    2. Tammy

      I The cable part the way she said up to row 2. In the video she provided she said on row3 not to work the stitches as you came to them but to skip the first two FPDC then work the next two then go back back and work the two FPDC you skipped from behind. I didn’t do that. On row 3 and four i simply worked the stiches as they came and the cable came out beautiful and it was a lot easier. I followed the pattern exactly as she had it, but row 3 and 4 I crocheted the stitches as i came to them. I didn’t do any of them from behind and my cable pattern turned out great. It was the first time i ever done it. In fact I didn’t know i had done row 3 wrong until my hat was done and i watched her video. Lol…..

    3. Tara

      It took me an entire day and frogging it about 4x to get the cable part down. I had every intention to just quit but I really wanted this hat lol now I have this hat for this wonderful fall/winter season in a burnt orange. I hope you got your too

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    1. Charmaine

      Hi Emily I’m so glad you like it! 80 is correct, but if you Crochet looser than me or have a smaller head (I think mine must be huge lol) then you can make it smaller! Just make sure it’s a multiple of 8! So 56 should work perfectly!

      1. Caitlin

        So leaving out eight stitches would take out a straight and cable section? I made the hat (and I’ve got a big head) and its huge. Not only that, but I’ve got to roll the bottom part like a cuff. Advice?

        1. Charmaine

          Yes it would take out a straight and cable section. If you’re having to roll the bottom, you may want to also consider removing 3 rows (like row 8, 9 and 10) and it will end up shorter. Our tensions must be very different! Hope that helps!

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    1. Charmaine

      I’m sorry you’re still having trouble Denise. Cables are a bit tricky to master. Row 11 is like a “decrease” row, but you’re decreasing with front post double crochets together. Maybe you could search for a stitch video about front/back post decreases that explains it better than I could!

  8. Jae

    Hi! I’m reading through the pattern and comments and am curious, if I want to make this hat for an adult size, do I increase in multiples of 8 as well? I’m nervous to try the cabling, it may be too advanced for me but I’m looking forward to trying it out! Thank you!!

  9. Erin

    Hi! Thank you for the pattern! I can’t wait to try it. I was wondering if you had the pattern for one size down?! I’m not very good at converting measurements on my own. If you can post that’d be awesome!

    1. Charmaine

      I keep meaning to add this to the post; add or subtract in multiples of 8 to adjust the size of the band, and you may need to adjust height (number of rows) in the body of the hat according to how you want it. Hope that helps!

  10. Maria

    I made this as per the pattern (gauge and everything was correct) and I found it to be way too small. seemed more geared for a 12 year old and not an adult. I had to add 8 rows to the band and and additional 6 to the hat, otherwise it came out beautifully.

  11. devon

    Wanted to leave some feedback. First off it is a wonderful pattern, love it. Only advice I have has to do with your cable stitch tutorial video. It is so hard to see what you are doing with such a dark colored yarn. Close up shots of a lighter colored yarn would have been awesome. It still definitely helped and I figured out how to do it. Thank you for a wonderful, free pattern.

  12. Tina

    Hi, first off – thank you for the free pattern. It is a lovely hat. The cables do take a little bit of work at first – fortunately I’ve had some experience with cables before so it didn’t take too long to get it. The video did really help me to make sure I was doing it right.

    I did find row 11 a bit confusing. It is a decrease row. At the beginning of the row it’s clear – but when you repeat it, it seems like you just skip two dc stitches…maybe it’s just the way I’m looking at it. I watched the video again for clarification but it doesn’t address that row. I’ve kind of worked out a decrease which I hope is what it means – it seems to look ok and in keeping with the pattern.

    Next time I think I will either use a smaller hook or a smaller brim as I do agree it kind of works out to be a bit loose. Other than that I love it! I’m using a red/orange/yellow varigated yarn and it really looks cute!

  13. Melissa

    this has become my very favorite hat pattern 🙂 i’ve made one for my niece and for a few friends. I just started crocheting in January. So i learned a few things haha but it turns out so beautifully. Thanks for the video instructions because those helped me through the harder parts.

  14. Courtney

    Hi there! I love the look of this hat but also having a hard time understanding. On the row of double crochets do you go to the left or right when you say you turn it inside out. I’ve tried looking up cable stitches on YouTube and still having a hard time 🙁

  15. Jamie

    I have to give up on this pattern…im sorry…I’ve been trying to do it since 10 this morning, and its now 4 pm. I was hoping it was going to be an easily worked project. but theres something just not right about how I’m following along. My cables aren’t twisting….I have the same thing repeating over and over again and I don’t understand why. I get Row 2… and I even understand Row 3…but what I don’t get is how if you repeat row 3 to row 4 and then do it again for 6 and 7, how there is any kind of twisting going on…its just ends up straight across. Your video led to a budlight commercial that I thought would eventually end and lead to you, but it didn’t…I now have a row of 2 dcfp and a row of 4. And a headache from wasting a whole day on this! 🙁
    I’m pretty good at following along with patterns. but I can’t manage to get this one to work.

    1. Charmaine

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I don’t know why the video takes you to a beer commercial (I don’t even drink beer lol). I hope this link works
      Row 2 (and when repeated in row 5) is where the twist is happening. You have to be sure to go behind the posts to make it twist. Cables are tricky, they have tripped up several people who have attempted them. Best of luck!

  16. Pixistics

    Hello!! I’m making this hat for my sister in law and I am loving the pattern. The only thing I ran into that threw me off, is the fact that the written pattern is different from what is pictured on display. For example, there are two front post double crochets in between the half doubles and the cable knits, which are not mentioned in the pattern. Now I LOVE the look of the two front post doubles in between the hdc, so I was a bit disappointed when I discovered this. However I am already on row 8 and I do not want to start over. I checked many times to make sure I was following the pattern exactly, so Im not sure if this was left out on accident, or if you were spicing up your photographed hat. Im not sure if im the only one who noticed this or not.

    Never the less, this is a wonderful pattern and I’m so glad to have found it

    1. Charmaine

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the pattern! I think you’re reading the pattern differently though – it says dcfp in EACH of the next 2 dc (the two front post doubles). The hat pictured is the pattern posted, I did not make any changes.

  17. Cheryl

    I have started this pattern 5 times now. I’ve viewed the how to video. I still can’t get the cabling to work. I’m probably at an intermediate skill level. I’ve done several other projects with cabling. I even tried to reverse the cable, do the crossover on the top, and I’m still stuck. I may try to come back to this at a later date. But for now, I’ll find a different pattern for my granddaughter.

  18. Erinn

    I had a lot of trouble with the cable the first time around. Second time making it though, I figured it out. i think I kept messing up at having to go back behind the stitches a second time before yarning-over again.

  19. Ellen

    Hi I think this hat is lovely so far. I am trying to do row 12 and for the life of me I can’t get the right stitch count. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. So the way I have it from the last row every other cable is now at 1 dcfp and the others have 2 so for this round I think it means the ones with only one in front don’t get changed but the other ones do. Is that correct? After I finish this row should all of my cables have only 1 dcfp? I feel like I am missing something or reading this row wrong. Can you please help me?

  20. Allie

    Ok so I’m trying to follow your pattern and on row 12 when decreasing the cross cable you say to dcfp2tog and then to repeat it again… does this mean that we are going from 4 cable stitches to 1? Or are we going to 2 and do what we had done before? Because on row 13 you say to dcfp2tog again but if you follow row 12 the way you wrote it there is nothing to dcfp2tog.

  21. Amanda-Jo

    I just finished my first hat and I love it but it is very big on me so I’m not sure how this fit your daughters little head ☺️! I’m not sure why I used the same type of yarn and the same size hook, gonna rip it out and try making it smaller but I do love it!

  22. Carolyn

    Hi there! I’m on row 3 and using a mixed color yarn. I finished the band and put it down so I could master the basket weave first on a washcloth. I’m glad I did bc now I understand the cable better. However, I think due to the mixed colors, I can’t find or see the second hdc. After the 4 dcfp it says hdc into next hdc. Am I skipping any stitches or just working along the chain? I don’t want to go any further bc I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished thus far. Beautiful hat, thanks for sharing!

  23. Heather

    Really should up date the video maybe work the pattern flat instead of in the round . It is very hard to fallow you also it looks like your doing a different stitch than dcfp there is many loops so is it a TCFP or it looks like it . With dark yarn and small worked area it makes it hard to tell . I am about to give up on the pattern.

      1. Amanda-Jo

        Don’t apologize you did a wonderful job I love this pattern just finished my third hat using this pattern a couple days ago! I would put a picture but that’s not an option lol

  24. Bethany

    I made one using 56 rows and taking out the body rows 8, 9, and 10 and it fit a child age 3yrs. The 2nd one I made using 56 rows but did all rows of the body…i also crocheted a goody ouchless elastic hair into the last row…row 15 so it’ll stretch. Everyone loved it! The pattern was a bit tricky doing the cables but you should see the great examples on YouTube.

  25. Jenny

    Thank you so much for this pattern!! I just finished making this hat in a marled dark grey with a red bow for my sister, and I’m going to try the revision someone suggested in the comments above to make matching hats for her daughters. It’s just so stinkin’ cute. (And maybe I’ll poke at a way to keep the hat going so that it becomes a full beanie and make one for myself, since my hair isn’t long enough for a bun or ponytail.)

    I didn’t have any trouble following the pattern – I did have to keep an eye on what I was doing so that I didn’t accidentally skip a dcfp, but that’s on me, not the pattern (and just meant listening to podcasts instead of watching Netflix while I worked). Thank you for taking the time to write up this pattern and to make a video explaining the cables. You didn’t have to share this pattern with us, but I’m so glad you did!

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