free printable care instructions label

FREE Printable Care Instructions Labels for Crafters

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Greetings fellow crafters, fiber artists, crochet addicts and general DIY fanatics! I have FREE printable care instructions labels for you today because I understand the struggle of painstakingly creating something and then having to hand write out the finicky care instructions! This handy little tool is a must have for anyone creating handmade items that will need care and laundering. It can be printed at home and added to any type of tags or packaging you already use.  I have a little tutorial for you that shows you how I use these labels, so keep reading through for the link!

Product Tags – using FREE Printable Care Instructions Labels

Materials required:
Plain cardstock – I use white, but any neutral color will work.
Paper cutter
Tag topper punch – these are newer styles but would work great: Ornate and Scalloped
Hole punch – if your tag topper punch doesn’t also create holes
Avery 8160 Labels – these come in clear as well, but I use the white
Computer and printer

First, I cut strips of cardstock into 1½” strips using my paper cutter. I am a former Stampin’ Up demonstrator, so this is my favorite product:

Next, I cut each strip into 3 pieces, approximately 3¾” long. I then use my Stampin’ Up Tag Punch to trim one edge. The paper strip is longer than the tag punch, but you can pull the paper through the whole in the punch to trim just one edge:

Next I use a single hole punch to cut a small hole in the rounded edge to affix the tie through.

Here comes the creative part! I use to create my own product labels! You can add text and images and it will save your project online for future adjustments if you create a free account. Simply enter the label product you are using (we are using Avery 8160 labels for this project) and create your label. Place your labels into your printer (make sure they are facing the correct way!) and print directly from the Avery website.

I love how mine turned out! Next, print the FREE printable care instructions label on the same Avery 8160 labels paper. (Link is below, you’re almost there!)
Next, flip over your tags and slap on the care instructions label:

This leaves a little bit of room on the top of my label for the name of the item, the fiber content and the size. Simply affix a string or piece of yarn to the tag, and tie it onto your project!

I also add these handy care labels to other packaging that I use, such as my cup cozy cards (another fabulous free download from the amazing Ashleigh of Sewrella):

What other uses can you think of for these labels? I’d love to hear your ideas! Ok, you’ve read through my tutorial, now here is the link you’ve been waiting for!!!

Click here to download: ⇒ FREE Printable Care Instructions Labels ⇐ Click here to download

I hope you find these labels useful and I would love to see how you use them or answer any questions you might have! Please help support CDM Handmade by commenting, sharing this post, or checking out any of my social media links above. Thank you!


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