Rainbow Scarf – FREE Crochet Pattern using Planned Pooling

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Have you heard of “Planned Pooling”? I had never of such a thing before until this past fall. Planned pooling is working with variegated yarn that has a repetitive predictable color sequence to create a specific pattern when crocheted or knitted. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Well don’t be intimidated, it really isn’t hard! The stitches used are deceptively simple, the only tricky part is finding the “magic number”! I’ll get to that in a minute when I show you how to make a Rainbow Scarf. Let me show you a few things first!

Here is an example of what I mean by variegated yarn:

Isn’t it beautiful? This Lion Brand Color Waves in the Rainbow colorway is the yarn I used for this project I’m about to show you. I just love the bright and vibrant colors of it! Let me just gush about this yarn for a few minutes – I am really in love with it! I am a pretty die hard cotton yarn fan, and usually avoid wool (too scratchy!) at all costs, but this yarn really won me over! It’s an acrylic/wool blend (80/20%) and it is so soft that I actually had no idea at first that it contained wool! I can’t stand most wool touching my skin, but I wear this scarf all the time and it feels amazing.


Now it’s hard to imagine, but when you follow the pattern, this bundle of bright softness will turn into this gorgeous argyle-style scarf: