Welcome to CDM Handmade!

Thank you for visiting my blog, CDM Handmade. I create many different types of items from crocheted clothing and toys to handmade cards. 

I love to crochet most of all, though I consider myself “multi-craftual”. In the past few years I have grown my crochet skills to the point where I am selling my products and able to create some of my own patterns. I hope to share many of these with you and meet fellow crochet and craft enthusiasts! 

I am a mom to three amazing kids and wife to a wonderful husband, happily married and living in SW Washington state, aka Seahawk country! I’m a Canadian who moved here 12 years ago to be with my American husband. I work full time in health care, and craft projects have been my stress relief for many years. My dream is to take this hobby of mine and turn it into a thriving business that will allow me the freedom to spend time with my family and inspire me daily. 

Photo credit: Jen White Photography

Please visit me on social media and follow me to see and hear my latest projects and ideas! 

I’m looking forward to making this blog a pretty, informative and fun spot to visit, so please stay tuned for some tinkering and great craft and crochet goodies!

Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to CDM Handmade!

  1. Julie Dockery

    I am currently crocheting a Cabled Messy Bun Hat. And I can NOT figure out your direction on how to make the cable. I have even watched your video and it just doesn’t help me. It is really hard to see what you are doing and just doesn’t make any sense. I have been crocheting for many years with many successful projects, but your directions are hard to follow. I have watched the video several times and still don’t understand it. Can you send me more detailed directions? I am determined to make this hat. Thank you for any help.

    1. Charmaine

      Julie I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I can’t send more detailed instructions – I made them as plain to understand as I was able. Many others have been able to make it work so I’m not sure where you’re having trouble. I did have one person comment that they simply flipped it and worked in front of the other stitch to make the cable and that worked for her, but I have not done that or tested it. I did my very best to provide a FREE pattern for everyone to use, and I did my best to explain it. I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

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